We provide medical technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools that help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and monitor their patients. We also provide services, accessories, consumables, education, training and consulting.

Healthcare Systems includes:


Magnetic resonance, computed tomography, molecular imaging, x-ray systems and complementary software and services, for use in general diagnostics, women’s health and image guided therapies.


High-frequency soundwave systems, and complementary software and services, for use in diagnostics tailored to the needs of specific clinical settings.

Enterprise Software & Solutions

Enterprise digital, consulting and healthcare technology management offerings designed to improve efficiency in healthcare delivery and expand global access to advanced health care.

Life Care Solutions

Clinical monitoring and acute care systems, and complementary software and services, for use in anesthesia delivery, diagnostic cardiology and perinatal care.

We are a global leader across our lines of business. Our software solutions apply modern data analysis techniques to help our customers improve their productivity and deliver better, safer patient outcomes.

Quick facts

imaging, mobile diagnostic and monitoring units installed globally
field service engineers
global customer service centers

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